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Building A Backyard Play Area? 4 Reasons To Choose Rubber Surfacing

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If you're in the process of designing a backyard play area for your kids, and you can't decide on the ground cover, choose rubber surfacing. Rubber is the best surfacing you can provide for your backyard play area. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to choose rubber surfacing for your backyard play area.

Prevent Playground Injuries

When it comes to designing, or even just resurfacing, the backyard play area for your kids, you want to make sure that it's a safe place for them. When kids play outside, falls are bound to happen. Unfortunately, when kids fall onto a hard surface, serious injuries can occur. Surfaces such as gravel, dirt, or even bark, don't provide the protection your kids need. That's where rubber surfacing comes into the picture. Rubber surfacing provides a soft, insulated surface for your kids, which protects them from injuries when they fall.

Avoid Hot Play Surfaces

When your kids are playing outside during the summer, you don't want them to get burned. Unfortunately, some playground surface material can absorb the heat, making it uncomfortable, and even unsafe, for your kids to sit on or walk on. Rubber playground surfacing stays cool, so your kids can sit down, or walk barefooted, without getting burned on the hot surface.

Ensure Easy Cleanup

If you're going to build a backyard play area for your kids, you want to make sure that it's easy to clean and maintain. Unfortunately, if you choose other types of playground surface material, cleanup might not be as easy as you'd like it to be. First, you have to continually battle weeds and grass that might pop up in the play area. Second, if your kids get sick in the play area, you'll have a hard time cleaning up the vomit, which can lead to an unsanitary situation. Finally, surface material such as gravel and bark can encourage neighborhood cats to use the area as a litter box, which also creates an unsanitary situation for your kids. Rubber playground surfacing is easy to clean up and will discourage cats from using it as a litter box.

Keep Pests Away

If you plan to have a backyard playground for your kids, you need to have a way to reduce the pest activity. Unfortunately, materials such as bark and gravel can actually encourage pest activity, since those materials provide plenty of hiding spaces for bugs, mice, and even snakes. You can keep the pests away by choosing rubber surfacing for your kids' play area.