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Did You Recently Move To An Area With Frequent Storms? 4 Benefits Of Lightning Protection Systems For Preventing Serious Damage

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The risk of being struck by lightning might seem low, but homes in certain areas are more likely to experience the devastation that an electrical storm can leave in its wake. Since moving in, you've most likely checked to make sure that the fire alarms are all in working order and that you have adequate drainage around your house to prevent flooding. Now, it's time to consider the need for additional preventative efforts at home, and knowing these four benefits of adding lightning protection to your property makes it clear why this next step could be necessary for your physical and financial wellbeing.

Reduce Your Home's Fire Risk

You can do a lot to prevent house fires by installing fire-resistant landscaping materials and keeping those fire alarms in good condition. But, each layer of protection that you can add further reduces your risk of dealing with a house fire. Without lightning protection on your home, the lightning can direct itself through a wide range of undesirable conductor paths. If it takes a path that provides contact with flammable materials, then a house fire can easily happen. A protection system guides the lightning through a safer route, which helps to stop fires from breaking out.

Protect Your Electronic Assets

Electrical and cable lines can serve as conductors for lighting, and the resulting power surge and heat can be too much for electronics to bear. While a lightning protection system won't prevent a strike, it can help to direct it away from vulnerable lines that affect your electronics. Being able to avoid having to replace valuable computers, kitchen appliances, and other devices helps you save money and avoid stress.

Prevent Injuries and Explosions

Occasionally, lighting will jump from its path to another route on its way to the ground, which causes side flashes. While it is rare, lightning that leaps through the air where someone is standing can cause potentially lethal injuries. In more common scenarios, it can hit explosive materials, such as gasoline in the garage, and lead to further house damage. Protection systems reduce the possibility of side flashes so that the people in your house are safer.

Avoid the Need to Replace Building Materials

As lightning makes its way through an unprotected house, it also causes damage to everything it touches. Lightning can blow out drywall, scorch wiring, and even cause glass windows and doors to break. While you can't stop lightning from striking your property, you can direct the energy where you prefer it to go. Protection systems divert the energy away so it is safely dispersed, which allows you to avoid having to cover the cost of serious repairs in the aftermath of a storm. 

For more info about lightning protection, contact a local company.