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4 Tips To Cleaning Sewer Lines And Dealing Common Problems That Cause Plumbing Headaches

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If you have a problem with the plumbing in your home, it may not be the pipes inside your home. The clog may be outside your home in the sewer lines, which problems that seem like they affect your entire home may be due to clogs of the sewer lines. There are some common problems that can lead to issues with your sewer lines, such as trees with deep expansive root systems. If you want to avoid costly repairs and problems with your plumbing, here are some solutions to help you deal with common sewer line problems:

1. Old Materials Collapsing Or Becoming Clogged With Debris

Sewer lines can be made out of many different raw materials depending on how old they are. Some of the oldest pipes installed for sewers are even made out of clay, which can eventually crack or collapse with years of use and abuse. Steel lines can also be a problem as they slowly deteriorate. If you have problems with wear in older sewer lines it may be best to have them replaced if cleaning does not solve the problem.

2. Household Items That Make Their Way To Sewer Lines And Cause Stoppage

Many household items find their way into sewer lines and can be a problem for the smaller pipes coming from your home. They can end up getting caught in curbs and areas that have buildup. To solve this problem that are a couple of solutions that a sewer service may try, such as jetting out the lines to free the debris or using a special plumbing snake to remove the objects that are clogging your sewer.

3. Roots From Trees And Plants That Cause Problems With Sewer Lines

Trees are another problem that you may have to address with sewer lines. Plants that have extensive roots systems are a common cause of sewer line problems. The roots find their way into the sewer and clog them because they form balls that suck up all the nutrients in the sewage that goes through the line. Replacement is often needed, but sewer line jetting may solve the problem, which can be a lot cheaper than replacement. If you do have to have the line replaced, you may want to talk to a sewer service about directional drilling.

These are some tips that will help you deal with sewer line problems that are causing your plumbing headaches. If you need help clearing the clogs and getting your plumbing back to normal, contact a sewer cleaning service, like sewage by Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd, to help deal with these common problems.