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Which Fences Will Keep Zombies Out Of Your Yard?

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Popular books, movies, and TV series are depicting the zombie invasion as unavoidable.  How will you defend your home from a flock of the undead? Most peoples' first thought is to stock up on weapons and that is undeniably important. Don't forget about securing the outer perimeter of your house. Your choice of fencing could be the difference between your survival and becoming zombie food. 

Selection Truly Optimizing Protection

Your fence is momentous when it comes to zombie proofing your yard. Just compare it to how vital it was to baby proof the house for your children and multiply that by a hundred. Optimizing your protection on the exterior of your home isn't always easy. Right away, the zombie slayer in you is screaming – electricity. An electric fence would be ideal, but how practical is it if you are also using this as the fence for your home all year round and not just for the attack of the undead?

In addition to questioning practicality, you have to think about how expensive it would be and how safe your family and pets would be. Once that thought dissipates and you are being more sensible; you could mull over the construction of a tall, tough chain link, concrete block, or wrought iron fence surrounding the entire property. Your home association, city code enforcement, and your neighbors may be appalled. Although, when you put things in perspective you are prepping for the uprising of the undead. In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, who cares if the neighbors are disgusted?

Try Not To Overdo It

Out of fear, some homeowners would go beyond the protective fence, but there is no need for deep trenches or alligator filled moats. Be sure to have a professional install a fence which has these basic essentials:

  • At least eight to twelve feet tall
  • It must be durable
  • Easily accessible for you and your family
  • Must have a latch and lock feature

Do Not Forget About The Gate

Your fence is imperative, but ensure you pay the same attention to the gate your fence will have. If you have an indestructible fence, but a weak gate it will defeat the purpose and all your hard work would have been done in vain. Make sure the fence is strong and structurally sound from the top to the bottom and double check the perimeter for any feeble spots.

 A good fence will deter not just hoards of the undead, but unwanted human and animal guests as well. Whether you are doing home improvements or looking to upgrade your zombie apocalypse plan, a strong fence can be a worthy investment in your future. Choosing the right fence (such as one from Priority Chain Link Ltd) will let you ready for everything, including a zombie invasion.