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Avoid The Backup: Three Keys For Keeping Your Septic Tank Clean

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A septic tank is designed to eliminate waste under certain conditions. The key operating principle is to allow bacteria to break down solid waste before it has a chance to clog up your drain field. While it might be more pleasant not to have to think about your sewage, a septic tank will need some maintenance to keep it working properly. While there are some things you can do on your own, it is best to leave pumping your tank to the professionals, like those at Country Pump Out in Grande Prairie.

Reduce the Amount of Water You Use

Without the beneficial bacteria that naturally accumulate in a septic tank, your tank will not be able to eliminate solid waste. This will allow the waste to back up until it clogs your drain field and may even clog the drains in your house. If you use too much water, the excess water will flush so much bacteria out of your system that it can no longer keep up with the amount of solid waste coming into the system. Thus, you should avoid taking long showers and fix any leaky fixtures right away.

Maintain Your Drain

When you are on a system with a septic tank, you want to be careful about what you flush down your drain. Chlorine, bleach, cleaning solutions, and pesticides can kill the bacteria in your system. While you are okay to use antibacterial soap, you want to avoid constantly pouring chemicals down your drains. Hygiene products and other solids will not break down in your system, and thus will decrease the space available in your system. 

Use a Bacterial Enhancer

Because you can't completely eliminate cleaning chemicals and still maintain a healthy home, you should treat your septic system with a bacterial enhancer from time to time. The enhancer will contain fresh bacteria which will help to keep the bacteria levels in your system high. You may also want to treat your system with cellulose because it will help to break down paper products in your system. 

Have Your System Pumped

Despite your best efforts to maintain your system, it will eventually fill up. You need to have a pumper inspect your system for you because it will contain a lethal concoction of gases. Pumpers will have the right equipment to stay safe while they inspect and, if necessary, pump your system.

You should never have to worry about your system backing up into your house. To avoid septic disaster, you just need to properly maintain your system.