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Tips And Tactics To Improve The Look Of Your Home's Foundation

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If your house is sitting on a foundation that is cracked, peeling, or crumbling, your property not only looks like a hot mess, it also could cause damage to the structural integrity of the home. When homeowners are looking for a way to improve the look of their home's foundation, they can take several approaches. Depending on budget, need, and severity of the damage to the foundation, you may choose from the following options to give your house a much-better looking foundation:

Interlocking tiles.

There are some really clever and inexpensive vinyl tiles sold that can be easily attached to the exterior walls of your home's foundation. These typically interlock, and may have facades that resemble stone, brick, or wood that will complement the home's exteriors and enhance the overall curb appeal of the property.

Foliage and hedges.

Cover up a drab or poorly maintained foundation with intentionally placed shrubs, hedges, and plants. Dig a trench in front of the foundation wall, and plant bulbs, seedlings, or foliage that will mature to shroud the home's foundation from view.

Masonry detailing.

You may obscure the look of a dull, drab concrete foundation by hiring a mason to lay brick or stone along the outer wall to create a new and alluring look. Faux stone siding, which is attached to the foundation's exterior with adhesive backing or epoxy, is also an option.

Foundation repairs.

When damage to the foundation results in cracks or crumbling of the concrete walls, talk with a concrete contractor for immediate intervention. Cracks and compromises to the foundation's structure can result in movement and shifts of your home, which can disrupt utility lines, water pipes, and other essential fixtures in a house. These professionals may be able to tuck-point damaged brick to restore its condition, or they may be able to reinforce concrete structures with retaining walls or other supports.

Preventative measures.

If you want to preserve the looks and the integrity of your home's foundation, there are some preventative tactics that you can take to make the porous concrete foundation a bit more water-resistant. This will also protect your home's crawl-spaces and basements from incidental moisture damage during inclement weather and in damp climates.

Whether your goal is cosmetic to enhance your home's curb appeal, or if your foundation is beginning to show signs of structural deterioration, there are different approaches to take to resolve the issue and preserve the curb appeal of your home. When it's time to repair damaged brick or crumbling concrete, consider foundation repairs by Abalon Construction or another contractor or mason. This can go a long way toward preserving a major investment—your home!