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Make Your Man Cave Even Cooler with a Custom Metal Bar Top

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Your man cave is the place you go to relax and have a drink with your buddies. It's the coolest room in the house, and it's all yours. A good bar top is the centerpiece of a good man cave. If you're looking for something a little more impressive than a plain wood bar, consider metal. Not only is metal 100% food safe—a custom-made metal bar top will make your buddies extremely jealous.

Which metal do you pick? 

Metal is a guaranteed manly material, but there are several options you'll have to choose from. A fab shop can make your bar top in copper, stainless steel, zinc, or pewter. Each of these metals have different colors and properties. Copper, for example, has a brown finish, but can corrode to green if exposed to open air. Some people choose copper that is already splotched with green because it has a unique look. Stainless steel, zinc, and pewter are all variations of gray.

Stainless steel is the best choice for a low-maintenance bar top because it won't corrode. Zinc can turn slightly brown if not treated, and pewter can become dull. These metals can all be treated to ensure they don't corrode, however. Your metal works shop will tell you how well your bar top will last and how to maintain it. 

Putting on the final touches.

A metal bar top is all about the finishing. You can easily have the bar top etched or cut in any way that you want. For example, if you want your man cave to be a debonair, classy place, flourishes can be added to the edges. A rough-and-tumble bar is accentuated with rivets. You can also have your name etched into the bar top for a personal touch.

The finish on your bar top can also be customized. Different processes in the metal can create swirls, waves, or an extra-shiny surface, for example. You can also have it etched to look like tile or in other patterns.

How much will it cost?

A customized bar top is an investment. The price will depend upon the size of your bar, the type of metal you choose, and the details you decide to add. But it's not as expensive as you might think. A simple bar top can cost under $2000. Talk to a fab shop to see their portfolio and get an exact quote for your bar.