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2 Misconceptions About Home Fires, And The Real Truth Behind Them

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A fire in your home is never an easy topic to address. But, fires do happen. In fact, a home fire happens in Canada once every minute. Since home fires are something that most people never encounter, there's a lot of misinformation surrounding them. Here's a look at two of the biggest misconceptions surrounding home fires

Misconception #1 New Homes Really Aren't Susceptible to Fires

While older homes may be more susceptible to fires thanks to wiring or structural issues, how old a home is really has no bearing on whether or not fires are a real risk. In fact, a study showed that thanks to construction materials and methods, new homes are actually prone to collapse more quickly in a fire than older homes. Whether your home is 100 years old or 1 year old, fire safety needs to be addressed. Every home should have fire safety equipment, and a fire safety plan.

Misconception #2: Smoke Alarms Are All That's Needed for Fire Safety

Ask someone to name a piece of home fire safety equipment, and a smoke alarm will likely be the first thing they mention, followed by a fire extinguisher. But home fire safety goes far beyond those two elements. A smoke alarm does an adequate job of alerting you to a fire, but it's not going to help prevent or fight it. And a fire extinguisher is good for small fires, but wouldn't help against a larger, established flame. Many homes now are being built with sprinkler systems like those seen in businesses, an investment that can not only save property, but save lives.Additionally, many home alarm systems today can detect fire and automatically alert the fire department. For an added layer of safety, it's also a good idea to have an escape ladder if your home is two stories or more high.

While these safety measures will help in the event of a fire, sometimes a fire is just too much. In the event your home suffers damage from a fire, everything is not necessarily lost. A professional restoration company like ServiceMaster Restore can help restore what is left of your home. If your home does have a sprinkler system, damage from water is actually easier to restore than damage from smoke and a fire. Should the unthinkable happen, and your home suffer fire damage, let a fire damage restoration company get you started towards a normal life again