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How To Maintain A Vinyl Deck

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Vinyl decking is a common replacement for wooden decks, and provides a number of benefits that traditional wooden decks do not have. However, just like all decks, vinyl decks have to be properly maintained in order to ensure their longevity. By following these simple steps and procedures, you can ensure that your deck stays in great shape for years to come.


If you want to keep the surface of your vinyl deck in good shape, place mats at doorways and other areas where heavy foot traffic occurs. This prevents the vinyl from becoming worn away. For stairs, you can install anti-slip stair nosing, which not only makes the steps safer to walk on but prevents their edges from wearing down to regular use. You should also prevent dragging heavy objects on the surface of your deck, as you can tear the vinyl, which is hard to hide.


You should clean your deck several times during the year to ensure that it doesn't lose its luster. You can use a specialized vinyl cleaner to clean away stains or ground in dirt, but you can also make use of a pressure washer to blast away caked-on debris. Use the pressure washer to clean off as much of the surface of your deck as possible, and then use a mop with warm water to scrub away what remains. Avoid using general-purpose cleaners, or cleaners that are not specifically designed for vinyl, as they can damage your deck. Always be sure to rinse off your deck once you've finished cleaning.


Clearing away snow should be fairly simple. Clean off your deck with a plastic shovel, as a metal one will damage the surface of your deck. And refrain from using salt or other chemicals used to melt snow, as these can damage your deck. If you do have to use salt or another chemical to remove snow, ensure that you wash down your deck thoroughly in the spring, as sun exposure plus these chemicals can discolour your deck.


Check the caulking around the deck posts, corners, or anywhere else there is a seam. If the caulking has cracked or broken so that it no longer forms a seal, you should reseal it in order to maintain the structural integrity of the deck. Keep in mind to only use caulking that is formulated for use with vinyl, because some caulking will cause discolouration of your deck.

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