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Rejuvenate Your Old Concrete Patio

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A concrete patio is a great place to sit outside and use your grill or watch your kids play. Concrete makes for a fairly durable patio surface. However, even a durable surface can wear down exposure to the elements. If your concrete patio is starting to show its age, or you are just tired of the way it looks, you can renovate with a company like Island Asphalt Co concrete repair it so that it looks like a brand new patio.

Create A Tile Pattern

When you decide that you want to renovate your patio, you aren't limited to going with just a plain concrete slab. You can create a pattern in it. For example, you could make your patio look like it is made out of tile in a checkerboard. To do that, you are going to need a concrete saw. You can get that from an equipment rental store. You will also need to have at least two different colors of concrete stain, as well as concrete patching material and sealant.

How to Get Started

1. Before you get started, you will need to clean off your patio and fix any cracks. You can get a patch material that will let you fix the cracks for a nice smooth surface. 

2. It's time to start creating your pattern. Before you start cutting, make sure that you have nice straight lines. You can use a chalk snap line to do that. What you do with chalk snap line is have a person stand at one end of your patio and have another walk the line out. The line itself comes out of a case like a tape measure. Then make sure your line is straight, tight, and laying right on the concrete. Pick up the line and snap it against the concrete, that leaves a mark for you to follow. 

3. Take the saw and start cutting along your line. You don't want to cut all the way through the concrete. You just want it deep enough and wide enough to make your "tiles." When that's done, it's time to start staining your patio. Before you do that, make sure that you sweep off the patio and wash it down again. Concrete dust will ruin your finish. Stain your new "tile" squares in whatever pattern you choose. It's your patio; how it looks is up to you. 

4. You could also put grout in the lines you cut earlier if you really want it to look like tile. Then you should seal your patio so that it looks good as long as possible.

If your patio is looking old or you are bored with it, you can rejuvenate it and make it look brand new.