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2 Types Of Sensors Every Garage Door Should Have

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When a person is installing a garage door, it is critical to make sure that it safe for children to be around. Because children do not have nearly as much awareness of their surroundings, they might wander beneath a garage door while it is closing. This can result in children being injured unless proper safety precautions are taken. There are two main types of safety sensors that can be installed in order to make sure that no one is hurt by a closing garage door.

1. Movement Sensor

A movement sensor can be installed underneath the garage door. It is essentially a sensor beam underneath the garage door that runs near enough to the ground. If anything or anyone passes beneath the garage door while it is being closed, the sensor beam will be "broken" and will sense that movement. Then, the garage door will automatically return to it's fully open position. This prevents any kids or pets from racing beneath the door and having it close on top of them. It also prevents people from inadvertently locking themselves in or out of the garage. By installing this sensor, it's possible to make sure that children can play around the garage door without having the parents worry about them accidentally getting hurt. This sensor beam should be installed by a professional in order to make sure that it is set up correctly. Test this function at least once a month.

2. Touch Sensor

Most garage doors automatically come with this sensor installed. A touch sensor is a sensor that will allow the garage door to know if it is touching something. It does not necessarily have to be the ground. The instant that the garage door senses that it has made contact with an object, it will freeze. Should a vehicle or other item be left underneath the garage door and someone should close the door, they will not be too damaged since the garage door will stop automatically. This sensor is designed to minimize damage to people or objects that are left underneath the garage door when it is closed. 

By making sure that your garage door has both of these sensors installed, it will be possible for you to rest easy knowing that your children and personal possessions will remain safe even if they are near the garage door. It is also recommended to talk to your children about being careful around the garage door. Contact places like All Kind Door Services Ltd for more information.