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Think You Have A Sewer Clog? These Are Some Options For Clearing The Line

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If you notice a sewer odor in your backyard, or find patches of grass that are soggy, your sewer line may be overflowing because of a clog. Sewer lines are tricky to clean out because they are so difficult to reach. You may need to climb on the roof and run a sewer snake through the vent pipe, or try to feed the snake through the toilet. If you've never used a snake before, you may find it too hard to operate. There's also a risk of damaging your pipes or toilet if you don't know what you're doing. It might be better to call a plumber instead. Here's how a plumber can help.

Sewer Line Inspection

In order to clean the line, you should find out what is causing the clog. It could be paper or some other object that got sent through the toilet, but it could also be roots from a nearby tree, or a collapsed sewer pipe. A plumber can feed a tiny camera into your sewer to have a look around. This reveals the condition of the pipes and the location and cause of the clog.

Water Jet Cleaning

If the line is clogged with paper, hair, grease, or other waste, the plumber may decide to clean it out with a high pressure water jet. The water pressure is strong enough to power through most clogs. The jet busts up the clog and knocks grime off the sides of the pipe, so your sewer line flows freely once again. It's a good idea to have professional sewer cleaning at the first sign of slow drains, and that may prevent a bad clog from forming.

Root Removal

Tree roots are a common cause of sewer clogs. The only way to get rid of them is to cut them up with a root cutting blade. The plumber feeds the blade into your sewer and turns it on so it rotates and chops and pulls out all the roots. One thing to keep in mind is the crack will still be in your pipe, so tree roots might eventually grow back and clog the line again.

Pipe Liners

If tree roots get too thick, they might bust apart the sewer pipe. When the pipe collapses, sewage drains into your yard rather than flowing into the sewer. A plumber can fix this by feeding a pipe liner through the sewer line. It's like having a new pipe inside the old one, so the roots can't get inside again.

If you're trying to decide if you should tackle cleaning your sewer drain yourself, you should get a quote from a plumber and compare that to the cost of renting the equipment you need to do the job. You may find it doesn't cost a whole lot more to let a professional, like Electric Eel Sewer & Drains Specialists, do the job, and it will save you a lot of work, especially if you aren't very experienced at home improvement projects.