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Epoxy Flooring: Commercial Epoxy Floor Applications You Should Know

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Commercial workplaces like warehouses, hospitals, and restaurants benefit from increased efficiency after installing epoxy flooring. Low maintenance and anti-skid surfaces eliminate workplace accidents and enhance hygiene. Epoxy floors outrank the rest among the diverse flooring options due to their longevity and customizable qualities.

Epoxy coatings adhere quickly when applied to existing concrete floors. They minimize operational downtime and machine damage. The forklifts in your warehouse won't damage your floors, and the surface withstands heavy foot traffic. Here are some epoxy flooring applications in the commercial sector.

Epoxy For Undercover Car Parks

Vehicles parked in undercover parking lots abuse ordinary parking surfaces significantly. But applying durable epoxy flooring finishes reinforces the concrete. Epoxy coatings eliminate depreciation in busy carports since it resists tire friction. If the parking areas have elevated surfaces, applying non-slip aggregate to the coating reduces slipping. 

Also, epoxy enables you to install parking lot stripes to enhance safety. You can pick colors to designate parking lot use. Epoxy installers use different colors to mark disabled parking, electric charging, or the seniors parking area.

Epoxy For Industrial Warehouses

It takes a lot to maintain a clean warehouse. If you have concrete floors in your industrial storage space, dust, oils, stains, and grime can deface the surface. Clean warehouses enjoy efficiency and impress clients. Luckily, epoxy flooring application eliminates the ugly stains and makes cleaning easy. You must factor in the traffic within your warehouse before choosing an epoxy floor coat. 

A skilled epoxy installer helps you to pick different coating colors to segregate areas for pedestrian use, pallet storage, and forklift lanes, among others. This enhances safety and improves workflow.

Hospitals And Restaurants

Facilities such as hospitals and restaurants must observe exceptional health and safety standards. Applying epoxy coatings in these establishments eliminates cracks. This ensures germs and other harmful microbes don't grow and compromise sanitary standards. In hospitals, epoxy increases brightness in hallways, and it helps personnel and patients avoid trip hazards. 

Also, germ-resistant epoxy floors are easy to clean in restaurants. Eateries must observe round-the-clock cleanliness in critical areas like kitchens and restrooms.

Lobbies And Store Display Floors

Hotels and retail stores install epoxy flooring to create great impressions on customers. A hotel brand can leverage custom epoxy lobby floors to increase brand awareness. An epoxy floor installer incorporates colored chips to create a trendy look in your fashion or designer clothes store. The high gloss surfaces increase the aesthetics and keep customers talking about your cool outlet.

Integrating epoxy coating in your facility enhances safety efficiency and style. Contact epoxy flooring professionals to refurbish your floors with attractive and functional epoxy coating.

For more information on epoxy flooring, contact a company near you.