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Wood Fencing And How To Use It In Backyards And Outdoor Living Space Project

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Wood materials continue to be one of the best choices of materials for fences. When you want to add privacy to outdoor spaces, there are a lot of things that can be done with wood fencing. You may want to create custom privacy fence designs, gates, and additional screens for these areas. How will you use the new wood fencing to improve your backyard and outdoor living space projects?

Custom wood gate for privacy

The first option that you will want to consider for your fencing project is the gate. There are several options to give your gates more privacy with custom designs. Some options for the custom gates include:

  • Metal frames with wood faces
  • Arches and higher gates for more privacy
  • Custom and personalized design features
  • Automation and hardware for easy-of-use

The gate for your backyard entrance can have a custom design that provides more privacy and looks great.

Wood privacy screens

The outdoor spaces in your backyard often need more privacy than what your fence can provide. The fencing project you are planning can also provide a solution for your living areas' privacy needs. This can be done using wood privacy screens with the same design as fencing or their own custom designs.

Wood fence design features

Fence design features can give you a custom design for your backyard and outdoor living space. What are some of the options for the features to give your fencing a custom design?

  • Horizontal slates for a more modern design
  • Premium hardwoods for more durable fencing
  • Custom patterns like herring-none for unique designs

Design features like horizontal slats and unique patterns will help enhance the appearance of your new fence. Wood fencing can even be used to give your home contemporary design features with natural materials using hardwood.

Extras for unique wood fencing

The wood fence you have installed can also have extra features. These features can enhance your fence's design, add privacy, and more. Extras that you may want to talk to your contractor about include:

  • Lighting and electrical installations
  • Automation for gated access features
  • Integrated landscaping architecture like arbors
  • Transom panels for height and privacy
  • Masonry walls and columns

Options like transoms can give your new fence a unique custom design and provide you with privacy for outdoor spaces.

Wood fencing is a versatile solution for your backyard living space projects. Call a wood fencing service and talk to them about these solutions to enclose your backyard with a new privacy fence.